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Francophone Short Film Festival

April 23, 2024
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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East Gallery, Maison Française, Buell Hall

Given the arrest of more than 100 Columbia and Barnard students on campus by the NYPD, the numerous student suspensions and expulsions from student housing, and the administration's increasing restrictions on access to campus, public events at the Maison Francaise are cancelled for the near future.  Thank you for your understanding.

Francophone Short Films in Harlem Program 1 (with English subtitles) (119’), followed by a Q.& A. with Johanna Makabi and Binita Mehta, moderated by Aubrey Gabel

Grâce, Johanna Makabi, 2022, 14’, France

Grâce, 8 years old, hates her neighborhood, hates cheerleading, and today has decided to join her father in space.

Trumpets in the sky, Rakan Mayasi, 2022, 15’, Syria, Lebanon

Lebanon today - the war in Syria is next door. A once dreamy and undisturbed meadow changes drastically in the eyes of Boushra, 14 years old, who returns from work picking potatoes to learn that her childhood will soon come to an end. With an absent father, her mother sells her into marriage. As she tries to connect with her decaying hometown, Boushra fears the impending possibilities of departure and becoming a woman.

D’un feu secret, A.T.Bonaiuto, 2023, 4’, USA

A music video for “D’un feu secret,” a Baroque piece by Michel Lambert written in the 1600s and sung here by Franco-American jazz vocalist Cécile McLorin Salvant.

L’apatride, Tawfik Sabouni,2023,26’, Belgique

When Salma, a Syrian refugee, gets her residence permit, she discovers that the Belgian authorities have withdrawn her nationality and that of her son. Salma then fights for the recognition of their lost nationality.

The truth about Alvert, the last dodo, Nathan Clément, 2022, 17’, Réunion-France/Switzerland

On the island of Reunion, Lunet and his grandfather Dadabé set on a quest to turn a hen into a dodo bird, whose magic feathers might save the boy’s seriously ill mother.

The messenger of God, Amina Abdoulaye Mamani, 2022, 26, Niger/Burkina-Faso

The messenger of God is chosen at random and subjected to funeral rites.

Fatima, twelve years old, is left at a market, wearing an explosive belt that will detonate in ten minutes to kill the enemies of Allah. For nine minutes, she takes an inner journey during which she passes from the present to the past. Fatima remembers that her mother sells in this market.

Ciel ouvert (Open sky), Annie St Jean, 2023, 3’, Québec/Canada

The end only announces a beginning. A man stands at the edge of life, ready to fiercely embrace the journey that takes shape before him in the form of a loop. Because even when routine appears to be inevitable, its thousand and one tones are revealed, joyful like a nursery rhyme. Open Sky by Annie St-Jean offers a carousel of film photographs gradually illuminated with watercolor and a reflection on the undetected charms of verbal (text by Andrée-Anne Fréchette) and bodily (performance by Rémy Girard) languages.

‍Madeleine, Raquel Sancinetti, 2023, 15’, Québec/Canada

Every week, Raquel (41), a Brazilian immigrant, visits her friend Madeleine (107) in her retirement home in Montreal and tries to convince her to get out of the house. The old woman refuses, having nothing to do outside. Raquel doesn't give up and finds a way to bring Madeleine with her on a road trip to the sea. The result is a journey that plays with reality and fiction and reflects upon life, death, and the certainty that there is always something to learn along the way.

The film festival series is curated by Pascale Crépon and Lucie Chabrol-Nyssens. The full program is here: